Software] How to Protect Data in Your Company (GDPR Regulation)

The general regulation on data protection ( GDPR ) has changed the entire overview of data security in the company. Companies and organizations involved in any form of data processing should be aware of this regulation which imposes different types of obligations.

The new regulations have been made to increase transparency, security and accountability on the part of companies in the processing of data, while at the same time standardising and strengthening citizens’ rights in relation to confidentiality of data (privacy).

Among the various rules described in the GDPR there is one that requires companies to implement or adopt technical and organizational measures to prove that it has taken into account and integrated the data protection in its own processing activities. In short, it is necessary (indeed mandatory) to use data protection tools to make such data more secure.

If you don’t know where to start and you want to put your company in order from this point of view, a good starting point can be to use software that can go to protect and encrypt sensitive data on any storage medium. For example, if you have sensitive customer data (e.g.

name, address, credit card details, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) on an external drive USB one thing I’m sure you have to do to get in order with the GDPR is to go and protect that disk and that data so that if for any reason it gets into the wrong hands the data is not readable.

Below we would like to point out some software that can help you to protect data in the company to comply with the regulations GDPR and have on their side a “tangible proof” that they are doing everything possible to improve the protection and privacy of their customers ( effective implementation of data protection principles )

Here is a list of programs (for Windows and Mac) designed by the software house GILISOFT that allow you to perform various encryption and data protection operations.


FILE LOCK is a software designed to go and protect the data present both on the internal hard disk of PC that on devices USB (e.g. flash drives, external hard drives, etc.) USB and so on). With it you can easily block the opening of files and folders containing sensitive data.

You can download the free version from the following button:


If you own a Mac OS Go to File Lock Pro for Mac

After installation this screen will open where you will have to enter your password 12345 (password already set in the demo version)


Then the following screen will open:

On the left of the program you can see all the protection modes and decide whether to protect files on the local disk or on an External Disk. In the latter case, once you have connected the device to your computer (via USB ), you’ll have to select DISCO ESTERNO in the left menu and then decide if:

  1. Hide Files: files and folders on the device will become virtually invisible
  2. Lock File: files and folders on the device USB will not be accessible


If you have sensitive data on a device USB and you want to protect that data, another very good program is USB LOCK . This is a program designed to block or disable ports USB on a computer, so that no one can retrieve, copy, or edit data on the device.

After installing and starting this program, a window will open in which you will have to set a security password and an email address (useful to recover the password in case it is lost or forgotten):


The program’s main screen will then open:


To prevent data from being copied to any device USB just follow the two steps highlighted in the figure above by selecting the box “ Disable writing to USB Disk “.  If you also want to disable “writing” in devices USB connected to the computer, you just have to select the box “ Disable reading USB Disk “:


#3. Secure Disk Creator

If you have or want to save sensitive data on a disk CD/DVD in which case the program that can help you add effective protection is Secure Disk Creator . This tool basically creates a protected area on the CD (where you can then copy as much data as you want) and when you try to access it a window appears that requires a password of access.


#4. Full Disk Encryption

If you want an even more “extreme” solution, Full Disk Encryption I’m sure that’s what you’re looking for. This software decrypts an entire disk and makes it unreadable. To make it readable you have to use this program again and go to “decrypt” all the data on the disk.

Two simple clicks are all it takes to encrypt an entire disk, as shown in the following figure: