Convert Video to Music with Video To Music Converter

There are countless reasons why you might want to convert a videos in music that is, to extract the audio track from a video to save it in format MP3 (or any other audio format) on your computer. The most frequent case is when you have a music video but you only want to get the MP3 music track to use it in other applications or add it to your music playlist on your device (smartphone, mp3 player, tablet, etc. …)

Also Youtube is a practically infinite source of music videos and for this reason there are more and more services and software that are created to be able to turn Youtube video into MP3 files. We have already seen in various articles how to extract music from videos, or how to download music from Youtube (converting videos to MP3 files). Youtube in MP3 ).

Below we want to point out a new and interesting software that unlike many others similar on the market allows you to convert both your local videos (saved on the PC ) to MP3 than to download MP3 from Youtube (by performing automatic conversion of videos). And what is not negligible is that it is available in a totally GRATUITA . Interesting, isn’t it? The software is called Video to Music Converter name that describes briefly and effectively what it is able to do.

  1. Convert your movies and (local) videos to audio tracks
  2. Convert video Youtube in MP3 in one click
  3. Supports any video file input (more than 100 video formats are supported)
  4. Allows you to convert video to audio format MP3, AAC , FLAC , M4A , OGG VOBIS
  5. Possibility to choose the qualities of the music file/audio track (by default, the highest quality is set to 320 Kbps )
  6. Video to audio conversion that takes place with a simple “ drag & drop
  7. Immediate access to the destination folder immediately after conversion
  8. Free version ( FREE ) which allows up to 25 conversions to be made

Video to Music Converter can be downloaded free of charge from the following button:

The software is compatible with all Windows versions (Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP ). It is very light and its installation will not “weigh down” your PC .

After installation, the following main window will appear:

How to Convert Video to Music (including Youtube)

Video To Music Converter is very simple to use. Perhaps it is the easiest to use program in circulation to carry out fast conversions of video in mp3 (or other audio format). All you have to do is drag the video to be converted into the program window.

As shown in the figure above, if you want to convert a video that you have on the PC in MP3 format, all you have to do is select that video and drag it to the center of the program. Once this is done, the conversion will start and after a few seconds a message like “ Conversion Successful

At this point you just need to click on the folder icon at the bottom right to open the directory where the MP3 file (or audio file of another format) obtained by converting your video will be present.

That’s it!

Download/Convert Youtube to MP3

With this great tool you can also download and convert Youtube video in MP3 (or other audio format). How? Simply by dragging and dropping the video (music video preview image) from the Youtube window in the middle of the program as you can see in the following animated image:

Once you have completed the process for the first video you can proceed with the second, and so on. Select, drag and drop the video into the program!

Video to Music Converter Settings

By clicking on the menu at the top of the page SETTINGS you can access the program’s settings where you can edit two parameters:

a) FORMATO AUDIO You can choose to convert your videos to one of the following audio formats: MP3, AAC , FLAC , M4A , OGG VOBIS

b) BIT RATE A parameter that indicates the quality of the music file. The higher the quality, the higher the quality of the audio track. By default is already set the maximum value and cisè 320 Kbps

Video to Music Converter {PRO Version}

The free version of Video to Music Converter does not allow you to convert unlimited video files. To remove any kind of limitation and be able to download and convert endless video files to music tracks you need to buy the version PRO which only costs 19€ + VAT. The license does not expire and all software updates are free of charge. Click on the button below to purchase a license for Video To Music Converter now: