How to Export Photos from iPhone to Computer

Looking for a way to transfer and export photos from your iPhone to your computer (PC or Mac)? In this article we point out the best solutions.

TunesGO is one of the best programs that allow users to transfer photos and other files from iPhone to computer (PC or Mac) with extreme ease. Many functions are integrated in this software and are not present in similar programs. Here are the advantages in usae TunesGO to manage the data of your iPhone and Export photos from iPhone to computer :

– It does not alter the photos at all during transfer or copying. – It is 100% safe to use. – The use of this program is very simple and intuitive – Photos are transferred in the form of lots to ensure that the time has been saved.

– The program has been developed in such a way as to guarantee an easy transfer of all types of multimedia files.

TunesGO is available for download in a free demo version for PC and Mac from the following links:

download  download_button_mac

Guide 1: How to Export Photos from iPhone to Computer with TunesGO

i. Download TunesGO on your PC or Mac.

ii. Start installing the software on your computer


iii. Start the software and the home screen will appear as follows:


iv. Connect your iphone to your computer via cable USB


v. Click on FOTO at the top of the program to access the window with the details of the photos on your iPhone

vi. Select the photos you want to export and click on ESPORTA

vii. Select “Export to PC “and choose the destination folder


The photos will be saved on your computer in the desired folder. You can now use any photo program to open and view your photos.

Guide 2: How to Export Photos from iPhone to Computer via Email

Here’s another way to transfer photos from your iPhone to your computer. We’re going to take advantage of the app MAIL to do this operation.

i. Sign in to the app FOTO on your iPhone


ii. Access the folder containing the photos you want to export to your computer


iii. Click on Edit at the top right of the screen


iv. Select the photos and then, at the bottom left, click on CONDIVIDI


v. From the window that appears, select the app MAIL


vi. Enter your email address and make sure that the selected photos are finished as an attachment. Then click on INVIA .


vii. Login from your PC to your inbox and download the photos you received.