Free] Program to Open Photos on Windows

Who owns a PC with operating system Windows (e.g. Windows 10) will have noticed that the default app on your computer that allows you to open your photos is not the best one. It is no coincidence that more and more Windows users are looking for a way to install the old version of “ Windows Photo Viewer “present on the old Windows 7 because it was much more stable and faster to use.

Or in many other high places they look for other programs on the web (preferably free ) alternative to the default one, which you can use to display and open photos on Windows without slowdowns and without blocks. But what is the best program to open photos on Windows? Below is a list of possible programs that you could try, put in order of (our) preference:

These above mentioned are in our opinion the 5 best photo viewers for Windows They can be a good alternative to the Windows 10 Photo app. Some of the programs listed are not only image viewers, but also image browsers. In addition, all programs in the list can be used to edit images. If you are looking for the perfect image viewer keep reading the article and our reviews for each of these programs.

#1. Viewer Foto

E a new and powerful program to open photos on Windows that will surprise you both for the speed with which it can view photos and for its versatility. It supports hundreds of image formats and offers all the functions that such a program should have: browsing and searching for photos, zooming, printing, image format conversion, rotation, full screen, slideshows, and much more.

This program can be downloaded GRATIS by the following button:

After installing and starting the program you will see a configuration window in which you can select “English” as the language. Then the main screen will open and you can start to open all the photos with it:

To open photos you can simply drag them from your computer into the program or click on the menu at the top right under File -> Open File and select the photo from your PC . In addition to opening common format photos such as jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, gif, tiff, with Photo Viewer you can also open files PSD (without photoshop), SVG , EXIF , .emf, , .heic, .ico, .pcx, .svg, .tif, .tiff, .webp, .wmf, .xpm, .raw, .psd, .tga, etc…

It is advisable to set this program as the default for opening all photos. To do this just select a photo with the right mouse button then click on “Open With” -> “Choose other app” and then set Photo Viewer as default program

Thanks to the many tools in the top bar of the program you will have full control of your photos and you will be able to view the images as you prefer.

#2. JPEG View

JPEG View is a free photo viewer that allows you to view images in full screen and unframed mode. It is perhaps a little less accurate than the first solution described above but still remains a good alternative to the Windows Photo app.


Another useful function is to take notes. It allows you to add notes to selected images while you work with them. The software provides file extraction TIFF and the extraction of media files from the archive. You can also edit your own photos.JPEG View offers a wide range of image editing tools: automatically improve image quality, normalize and refine your photos, rotate and flip, resize and crop, adjust hue, saturation, exposure and more. Batch processing of files is also available.

#3. IrfanView


IrfanView is one of the best software for open photos on Windows . The app has a simple interface, so it’s easy to use and ideal for beginners. IrfanView offers several useful functions: you can rotate and flip images, add borders and frames, change color depth. With this program, you can also set an image as your desktop background. If you want to display a large image you can use the a mode full screen .

Besides, this software provides batch processing that lets you process your media files very quickly. The latest version of the app is available for download and installation free . In addition, the software developer also provides a number of additional plugins.

#4. FastStone Image Viewer


This app for the Viewing photos is another good alternative to Windows Photo Viewer . This program is very useful not only for open photos from your photo gallery, but also to explore and organize them. It allows you to order your photos by date, event or location. This photo viewer is available for multiple platforms. The interface of the program is quite simple. It provides a small preview window on the left side of the program.

The software offers a number of useful tools also for the retouching . You can adjust colors and lighting, reduce noise, add effects, watermarks and different texts, remove red eyes and many more. Another useful option is comparing the selected images. The software provides image capture from the scanner, printing of selected images and sending by email. This image viewer is available GRATIS for personal use. But keep in mind that for commercial use you need to buy a license.

#5. XnView


This software is another example of a good image viewer for Windows. XnView is an image viewer and image browser with an intuitive interface. You can enable image preview to view images in their respective folders. This image viewer supports many popular formats, such as JPEG , PNG , TIFF , RAW and others. It also allows you to open video and audio files. The most popular formats are available for uploading and saving by default.

If you want to open files in another format, you must first change the program settings.

Here are some features of the program that are worth mentioning:

  • you can view the selected photos as a slideshow
  • you can add text and watermarks to images
  • allows you to convert photos to grayscale, correct and exchange colors
  • allows you to send your photos by e-mail
  • allows you to capture the screen

The program also allows you to view and edit images HD . This software could become a good replacement for Windows 10 Photo Viewer.