Transfer Photos from Samsung to Mac

More and more users are owning both a mobile phone Samsung Galaxy (based on Android operating system) that of a computer Apple macOS . We know very well that the two operating systems are not 100% compatible with each other and this can make communication between the two devices more difficult.

If, for example, you have a lot of photos on your Samsung and you want to transfer them to your Mac, it is essential to find a solution (software) to Transfer photos from Samsung to Mac (or vice versa). Below we will see several methods that ensure compatibility, storage and protection of your photos. Try them and then choose the method that best suits your needs. If you have an iPhone and a Mac computerOS you may be interested in the following guide: how to copy photos from iPhone to Mac

1. Copy photos from Samsung to Mac with dr.Fone

As a first solution we want to illustrate what we think is the simplest and most effective for Transfer photos from Samsung to Mac . All you need is the software dr.Fone which inside has a powerful function of data transfer between mobile phone and computer. With this software you can transfer and back up your Samsung photos and then export them to your Mac computer.OS . It also allows you to restore files on your Samsung device in case of data loss.

All you have to do is simply follow the instructions below.

Download the dr.fone program for Mac from the following button:


Dr.Fone’s initial interface will be this:


Click on the function TRASFERIMENTO to open a new screen.

Smart Switch is an alternative tool for transferring photos from your Samsung to your Mac. However, it is not compatible with all Samsung models and versions, so we recommend that you try it out first.

 Download and install this tool from this pagian: Smart Switch.

Next, launch the app on your Mac.

Connect your Samsung to your Mac via cable USB .

Click on the icon of the briefcase to view your photos from the main Smart Switch interface (see figure below):

smart switch on mac

Then go to the internal memory folder menu, and go to DIC and CameraRoll .

Choose the photos you want to transfer and move them directly to your Mac. (You can move it to your Mac desktop or create a new folder.)

3. Copy photos from Samsung to Mac with Android File Transfer

 Download Android File Transfer from the official website and install it on your Mac.

android file transfer

Activate debugging USB on your Samsung phone as described in the first solution above.

After activating debugging USB connects samsung to mac via cable USB . Start  Android File Transfer click on Allow to confirm access.

Search for your photos and drag them to your Mac. (You can create a new folder in which to save these photos)

4. Copy photos from Samsung to Mac with Image Capture

Another way to Transfer photos from Samsung to your Mac is to use the app Image Capture supplied with your Mac. If you don’t want to install any more apps, this is perhaps the solution you’ll prefer. It’s very easy to use: all you have to do is connect your device to your Mac using a cable. USB .

Note: Make sure you have set the connection type as Camera ( PTP ) instead of Multimedia device (MTP ) on the Samsung device. If you have selected MTP the Mac may not be able to recognize the device.

Connect your Samsung to your Mac with the cable USB .

Open Image Capture on your Mac.

Select your Samsung device under the tag Operative part of the judgment .

image capture on mac.png

Click on the list It matters in: and set the folder where you want to save the photos.

Choose the photos you want to export. You can select individual photos or all photos.

Click on Import to move the photos.

Comparison of the 4 methods described above

Here is a summary table with the characteristics of each method that we have illustrated in this article:

dr.Fone (mac) Smart Switch Android File Transfer Image Capture
Connection USB
Copy in 1 click X X
Photo preview X X
Supported file types All File Types All File Types All File Types Images Only
Mac OS bolstered MacOS > 10.7 MacOS > 10.5 MacOS > 10.7 All macOS
Android OS Android OS > 2.3 Android OS > 4.3 Any Popular Android devices
File size Qualsiasi Qualsiasi 4GB Any