Switch Data from Android to iOS 13 (iPhone/iPad)

If you’re switching from an Android smartphone to an i-System based oneOS (iPhone/iPad), you will surely need to switching data from Android to iOS such as photos, contacts, messages, videos, music files, calendars, etc… There are hundreds of articles on the net that deal with this topic and many of them refer to manual procedures for switching data from Android to iOS procedures which, however, have two major drawbacks:

  1. Sometimes they are complex and waste a lot of valuable time
  2. Not all data is transferable from Android to theOS 12/13 in manual mode (e.g. messages, calendar, notes…)

In the light of these two major “disadvantages”, we would like to point out two programs that will allow you to switching data from Android to iOS 13 so automatical in less than five minutes!

With dr.Fone you will be able to transfer data from Android to iDevices.OS in seconds and with extreme ease. No manual procedure, you simply have to connect the two mobile phones to the computer, choose the data you want to transfer and start the data transfer.

First, download the free demo version of dr.Fone from the following links:

download  download_button_mac

After installing and starting the program you will see this home screen:


Click on PASSA to open the function we need to switch data from Android to iOS . Then connect both your Android phone to your computer via USB and immediately afterwards also the device iOS . On Android you will be asked to activate debugging USB to get him recognized by the program.


After this link you can then proceed to select the data (photos, videos, sms, contacts, music, calendar, etc. ..) and start copying from Android to iOS (or vice versa).

Solution #2 to Switch data from Android to iOS : TunesGO

TunesGo is an application born as “ phone manager “for the management of smartphone/tablet data directly from the PC /Mac but which also has the function to transfer data from the old phone to the new one regardless of its platform or provider. With TunesGo you can not only make the transfer of data in a simple and aujtomatic way, but also make the backup & recovery of data with 1 click.

Here are the steps to use TunesGO along switching data from Android to iOS :

1. Download and install TunesGo on your PC or Mac. Connect both your Android and Mac devices to your computer.OS  (iPhone) using its cables USB .

Download links TunesGO :


2. Start TunesGo and make sure that the two devices are recognized by the program. In case of iPhone you will have to click on  Trust  on the screen of the device iOS In the case of Android instead you have to activate on it the mode USB Debug.

3. Select the source device, in our case Android, from the top left corner and then click on the function  Phone to Phone Transfer  as shown in the following image.

da android a ios

4. Select the destination device (iPhone in our case) from the drop-down menu on the right. Then click “Next” to proceed.

android to ios transfer

5. In the next window you will see all the categories of data that you can copy from Android to theOS Music, Videos, Playlists, Contacts, Photo. Choose the ones you want to transfer and then click on “ Transfer

copiare dati

Note Optionally, if your iPhone already contains data, you can choose to delete all the content on it to be able to copy only the data from Android and avoid having double files or contacts.

Solution #3 to Switch Data from Android to iOS : Mobiletrans

MobileTrans is another software designed to copy data from phone to phone without problems and in a simple and intuitive way. We have already extensively illustrated the operation of this software and in the case of the switching data from Android to iOS we invite you to read the following detailed guide: how to copy data from Android to iPhone


Both TunesGO that Mobiletrans are compatible with all Android devices (version OS Android 2.x and above) and i devicesOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).