Mirroring Android Screen on Windows PC

Our Android-equipped phone has a lot of interesting options. It can open the Internet without much effort or let us spend a good half hour (or even more) of fun between games and videos of various entities. Wanting to control it just in depth, it can work as a rank PC (in fact, they used to be called “Handheld” similar products)! But everything has its limits. For example, the screen is rather small and cannot be easily controlled in all ideal situations.

In some cases we do not have a Bluetooth keyboard to use comfortably with our mobile phone.

These are all situations in which having an option to Mirror can really be a fit. But what does it mean Mirror your cell phone? The Mirror, i.e. in direct translation “ Mirror “, serves to screen what is appearing on the screen of the mobile phone directly on that of our PC . Through that visualization we can of course interact in different ways, even using the keyboard.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Some mobile phones support the function in a native way, others need a bridge ADB and others – for security reasons – do not support it at all. So let’s see what different solutions are available and what we can do to implement them all.

A little note before you start…for enable mirroring in your mobile phone you will need to enable the Debugging USB and possibly the acceptance of commands ADB . You can find these options within the settings (search for them if necessary with the appropriate function) or within the Options Sviluppatore.

E It is essential to have a program that has as its main function that of the Mirroring . Here is a long list of some programs and their main advantages. Keep in mind that in most cases you have to install an App on your mobile phone and a program in the PC who needs to check her cell phone.

MirrorGO (by Wondershare) is basically an Android emulator that allows you to mirror “the screen of your mobile phone (or tablet) directly on your PC Windows. After installing MirrorGo on your PC you will actually see the playback of your mobile phone and you will be able to perform all the operations directly from your computer: send or receive messages, play games, transfer files between mobile phone and PC and so on.

After downloading the package, this screen will open:



It’s another very complete program and it’s mostly free. The only problem is that it is not exactly easy to set up. First of all, you have to download the program for your PC (scroll down and you will find downloads for the 32 or 64-bit version) and unzip it where you want. As a rule, it does not require an installation. Connect your mobile phone. If this is the first time it is connected with the Debugging USB active, you will be prompted for access by the PC . Accept connections.

This request may also appear after starting the program, so keep an eye on the screen.

SCRCPY can work with or without a cable connected, but the mobile phone must be connected to the same Wifi network as the PC .


Vysor is the most suitable program if you don’t have any kind of experience in this field. It is a completely new program. computerized which allows you to mirror your Android smartphone to your PC or iMac. However, you have to consider that Vysor has a cost and supports a Lifetime license (permanent, not renewal) with a price on 40 euros.


It is a very popular and used program for the remote control which mainly works with the network connection. It can therefore use the Wifi connection or the simple data connection of the mobile phone. A sort of last resort since it is not a real mirroring, rather a remote access. It does not require special permissions, but requires some extra installation and additional steps. The program is free for private use.

If you are not satisfied with these programs listed above, it is advisable to also look for possible solutions provided by the house. Huawei HiSuite for example, it provides all the possibilities of being able to connect the mobile phone through ADB and activate a Mirroring . The screen is quite small but can be operated with the mouse without any problems. Other brands may offer a similar function for mirror Android screen on PC Windows .