How to Backup Android SMS

If you’ve erased all of your messages SMS by mistake or you deleted your inbox to free up some space and want your messages to be restored, you may not be able to do so on Android if you have not created a backup previously.

Through a backup you can also recover data from messaging services such as SMS WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, because they synchronize messages in the cloud. However, for some Android devices, this is not possible because they don’t include messages in the backup. The exception is Google Pixel and other Android devices with backup functionality SMS integrated.

You can run the backup of your SMS on Android and store them for later use, for example when you want to switch to a new device and transfer them to it. Also if you reset your phone to factory settings all messages SMS will be deleted, but with a backup they can be restored quickly and easily. Here are the most popular ways used to save SMS Android (on PC and Mac), that is back up SMS Android.

Backing Up SMS Android with Google Drive

You can archive backups of your SMS using Google’s convenient backup service on Google Drive . This way you can restore all your personal data after a factory reset or when you switch to a new Android device.

The disadvantage of this method is that it limits the data to Google Drive, so over time your oldest data will be deleted and you will not be able to restore the oldest backups as you wish. Here’s how backup to Google Drive works.

1. Open Settings on your Android phone and tap Google .

Backup Sms Android Settings Google

2. Click on BACKUP

Backup Sms Android Settings Google Backup

3. Then click on the button “ Backup

Backup Sms Android Backup Backupnow

You will see your backups in the main Google Drive menu and access the backup settings directly from the Google Drive settings. The only thing that is not included in this backup is the support MMS . If you need it, you can get it with a subscription to Google One.

Backing up SMS Android with app

If you want an alternative method for backing up your SMS on Android, you can use a third-party app like “ SMS Backup & Restore “which allows you to save and restore your SMS on the device whenever you want.

1. Download SMS Backup & Restore (free) from the Google Play Store. Once installed, open it and tap Start . Give the necessary permissions by tapping Allow on each of them.

Backup Sms Android Sms Backup Restore Get Started

2. Touch Configure backup . Choose the one you want to back up, especially the messages SMS so it’s up to you Next .

Backup Sms Android Set Backup

3. Select a cloud storage service for the storage of SMS and data, then click on Next .

Backup Sms Android Backup Storage

4. Touch “ Login “to connect you to the cloud storage service chosen as your backup archive. Choose other settings like duration before automatic deletion of old messages and then tap Save to finish.

Backup Sms Android Login

5. Choose whether to back up via Wi-Fi or while charging, and then press Next .

Backup Sms Android Next

6. Choose the backup interval options from daily, weekly or hourly . You can also set the exact time of the backup in Advanced options or set Scheduled backups with notifications to notify the user when the backup is complete.

Backup Sms Android Backup Intervals

7. Click on “ Backup

Backup Sms Android Backupnow

How to restore SMS on another mobile phone

If you have backed up your messages SMS using Google Drive updates are performed every 12-24 hours. You can restore a message immediately after it has been deleted, but this restores an archive, then it will restore the entire history of the SMS .

With the app SMS Backup & Restore instead here are the steps to follow to restore the messages SMS on another phone.

1. Open the app SMS Backup & Restore and tap the menu at the top left of the screen (three horizontal lines).

Backup Sms Android App Menu

2. Click on “ Restore

Backup Sms Android App Restore

3. Click the backup location you want to restore from (local backup location, Google Drive location, Dropbox location, or OneDrive location).

Backup Sms Android Restore Backup Location

4. Find the backups you want to restore and select the type of data, in our case “Messages”. Then click on Next .

Backup Sms Android Choose Backup

5. You will see a notification to temporarily set the app as the default messaging app to restore your messages SMS . If you agree, just touch OK so it’s up to you Restore .

Backup Sms Android Switch App

6. Touch Yes to start the recovery process, then tap Close once it’s done.

Backup Sms Android Switch App Yes

You can use the same steps to restore old messages on another phone, as the data is stored in file format XML (format compatible with any Android device).