Delete Data from the Final Mobile Phone with Dr.Fone Erase

The cell has become for many of us a device that not only helps us to communicate with others, but a device that collects over time a flood of memories, photos, messages, videos, etc… all related to our private life. Losing a mobile phone is perhaps one of the worst nightmares we have because it would mean losing all this data and even more serious to put at risk our privacy, because that data could end up in the wrong hands.

For protect data on your mobile phone from any loss of the device or from any accidental deletions there is the backup operation of the phone that allows you to save the most important files on your computer or on any “cloud” service. For protect our privacy Instead, there are various applications that block access to the most sensitive data on the phone or there are settings on the phone itself that prevent anyone from accessing the content of the device.

But what if you decide to sell or give away your mobile phone? How do I deal with the data stored on my phone? All you have to do is to simply delete or delete your mobile phone. restoration to factory conditions for your peace of mind?

The answer to the last question asked is NO . In fact, many powerful programs are emerging over time that can in a few minutes to access the internal memory of the phone and extract all the data that, despite being deleted by the user, are still there. The situation is disturbing, isn’t it? If you want to solve the problem, however, read below the solution that we have found!

dr.Fone was one of the first programs in the world to recover data deleted from your mobile phone. But at the same time it was also among the first programs to find the solution to the problem mentioned above, namely to permanently erase data from the phone, and so that they are IRRECUPERABILI 100%.

Let’s see how to do this permanent deletion of data from the phone. First of all download and install dr.Fone in a free demo version on your PC or Mac from the following links:

download  download_button_mac

Proceed with the installation of the program and finally start it on your computer. This initial screen will appear:


As shown in the figure above, click on the top right corner of the box CANCELLA to download and install Dr. Fone Erase’s module. Once installed, the following screen will open automatically:

As suggested by the program, connect your mobile phone to your computer via cable USB . The program will behave differently if you connect an Android-based mobile phone or an iOS phone, i.e. the iPhone. Let’s see both cases.

  1. Delete data from Android mobile phone
  2. Delete data from iPhone


In the case of Android cell-phone, once connected to the computer, the program will ask you to activate on it the mode debugging USB . This mode is essential for the mobile phone to communicate with the computer and therefore also with dr.Fone. Once this is done, the device will be recognized by dr.Fone and you will see a joke like this:

begin to erase

You only have one option: CANCELLA TUTTI I DATI . By clicking on this button you can start the phase of definitive removal of the data.

After clicking on it, the program will ask you to enter a confirmation keyword for security. The keyword to be entered is “ delete

confirm to erase

Once you have confirmed that you want to proceed, the program will start to permanently delete all data from the phone. It will only take a few minutes.

erasing data

After all data has been deleted, the program will also ask you to perform the following restoration to factory conditions on your mobile phone (by accessing the settings on your mobile phone). This will allow you to delete the data even more deeply.

erasing android data

At the end of this reset, the following window will appear, warning you that the operation has been completed.


If you connect an iPhone to your computer, immediately after it is detected by the program, dr.Fone Erase will show several selectable options as shown in the following figure:

full erase iphone

The operations you can do are:

  1. Definite cancellation of TUTTI data from iPhone
  2. Permanent deletion of only those files that have already been deleted manually (but still recoverable)
  3. Permanent deletion of private data (this last operation has already been analyzed in the guide how to delete private data on iPhone)

Clicking on the first option will bring up a screen like this:

start to erase iphone

To proceed with the deletion of all data on the iPhone you must click on the button CANCELLA (Erase) and then enter a control code (usually the word “ delete “) to proceed with the operation.

If you want to permanently delete only those files that have been manually removed, click on the second option and wait for dr.Fone to search for all these files. The data found will be organized and divided by folder (photos, videos, messages, contacts, calendar, notes, etc. …):

select private data to erase

Finally choose the data you want to permanently remove, and make it irrecoverable, and click the bottom right sl button “ Delete from device “.