How to Improve Photo Quality (with one click)

We have already seen how to improve the quality of a video through software designed specifically for this purpose. In the same way, in this article, we want to point out a very interesting program that will allow you to improve the quality of your photos in an almost automatic manner.

It is true that modern devices are technologically advanced and have more and more powerful cameras and high resolution . But there are always situations in which a photo can be a bit ‘moved, or a little’ blurred or low light or even with colors not very “bright”. At first glance, all photos may seem “discrete” but just use a program like the one we are about to report to understand how any photo can be optimized and improved from different angles.

The program in question is called Photo Optimizer The main objective of the name itself is to optimize the main parameters of the photo to make it “perfect” and ready for printing or sharing or archiving. Once you have done the optimization you can open the photo with any program “ photo viewer “and notice the differences.

How to Improve Photo Quality with Photo Optimizer

The first thing to do is to download and install the Photo Optimizer program on your computer. It can be downloaded for free from the following button:

The software supports all Windows operating systems.

After the installation and opening of the program you will see a screen that warns you that you have 10 days of free trial completely:


By clicking on “ Continued evaluation “you can open the work screen of the program:


Now all you have to do is import (or drag) the photo to be improved and click on the button AUTO OTTIMIZZA.

A proof of how the program works correctly and how the photo is actually improved, there is the window of “ premiere “that shows the photo before and after the optimization. I refinements are very evident as well as as we see in this photo that we used for the test:


After optimizing and improving the photo you can click on SALVA FILE and the file will be saved with those adjustments.
If by chance you want to return to the original situation, just click on the left arrow symbol at the bottom right to cancel all the changes made to the photo, even if you clicked on Save File.

How does Photo Optimizer improve photo quality?

After having done some tests with the program and actually seeing improvements in the photo (from the point of view of brightness, quality of colors, etc. ..) you will be asked this question: “ How does Photo Optimizer so much improve the quality of a photo “?

The answer is very simple: Photo Optimizer has a analysis technology and scan the photo that makes to adjust all the main parameters of the photo itself to get the best possible combination. The parameters that are automatically adjusted and improved by the program are as follows:

  1. Color of the photo (brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, photo colors)
  2. Sharpness of the photo
  3. Photo Blur
  4. Noise reduction
  5. Photo resolution

Of course, if you have a photo that is too low resolution, not even Photo Optimizer can do the miracle. You can certainly improve it but not make it high definition.


The interesting thing about Photo Optimizer is that in addition to the photo enhancement function in automatic mode, it also has a “manual” mode that allows you to “play” on the photo by applying dozens and dozens of special effects. The effects and functions applicable to the photo are so ‘many that it would be impossible to analyze them one by one: the advice we give is to do a little’ of tests (the program is free for 10 days) to understand the full potential of the software itself.

Once the trial period has expired you can also think of buying the “full” version because the cost is really affordable (19.99 € from this link)