Create Video Style “Double Interview” (Hyenas)

I’m sure you’ve seen at least once in your life. TV (broadcast “Le Iene”) or on Youtube a video in the style “ double interview “This is a video in which two characters (more or less famous) are confronted to answer certain questions. The characteristic of this video is that the two people appear side by side as if they were close to each other (but in reality they are not).

This type of video to double interview is also gaining a foothold among amateur video makers and video editors. Very frequent is, for example, the use of this style of video to make a funny gift and original to two promised spouses or two friends/colleagues.

But how can you make a video in the style of a double interview? Which video editing program you need to use to get a result similar to what you see in TV ? Here’s how to do this with the program Movie .

Create “Double Interview” Style Video with Filmora

Movie is one of the most famous “video editor” programs used by both professionals and less experienced users in the field. Its ease of use allows everyone to process a video to obtain a satisfactory result and professional level. With Filmora you can trim a video, add special effects, insert background music, write on the video, and much more.

Among the many functions there is also one called “ Split Screen “which allows you to place two videos side by side in order to obtain just the type of video a “ double interview “we’re talking about.

Let’s see how to use this feature to get the type of double interview video.

Step 1. Download and install the program on your PC or Mac with the following buttons

download  download_button_mac

After the installation you will see a


Click on  full mode to open the program interface and start a new video project.

Step 2. Import the two videos “interviews”

Before proceeding, you must of course record the two interviews . You can record them using your mobile phone or any video camera.

Small trick: when recording the first interview, after you ask the first question, wait a few 5-10 seconds before asking the second question (in those 5-10 seconds you will ensure that the video will present the other person’s answer). This will avoid making video editing operations too complex at the editing stage.

Once you have the two videos (better if they are made with a different coloured background, for example one on a blue background and one on a red background) you can import them into a movie.

Click at the top of the page on  IMPORTA to upload the two video files to the program.

Step 3. Apply effect SPLIT SCREEN

After uploading the videos click on the function  SPLIT SCREEN and a screen with several models will open. Choose the screen divided into two parts and click on the “+” to add it to the timeline.

It will open in a new window with two frames: within the two frames drag the two videos you recorded.

You will automatically see a preview of the final video on the right, with the two videos already side by side. Between the two videos you can also apply a border and choose the desired color.

NB Click on Play under the preview window to see how the final video looks. If by chance there are points where the two videos overlap, you can modify them, for example by cutting the useless parts or turning off the sound. To do this you can always work in Filmora, maybe in a new project so as not to accumulate too many operations. We suggest to put the two videos side by side only when you are sure that they are ready to be “united” between them to get the perfect double interview!

Step 4.  Export final video

When everything is OK click on “ Video Export “and proceed to his rescue on your own. PC /Mac in the desired format.


That’s it! Now you too will be able to create a video in perfect style “ double interview